Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

insomnia part_1

lagi iseng gag jelas jam /2 mlm, blm bisa tidur dan tiba" Nemu ini DOUBUTSU URANAI . coba aja di klik
pas di coba, damn! almost 90% it's me!
if you wanna try to know yourself, just click this DOUBUTSU URANAI

wina pratami

1. You are Orange Sheep, who is quiet sort, and is a touchable person. 

2. But you possess feminine attraction as well. 
3. This may seem like flirting to fellow women, and may be misunderstood by men. 
4. You are a sociable, but tend to keep a distance from people, and will not show your real emotions and feelings easily.
5. Although you are modest, you are a proud person as well. 
6. You don't apologize or yield to things. 
7. You have great tactics to make others take in your demand, without them realizing taht they are doing so. 
8. You are extremely good at negotiating and bargaining.
9. You tend to feel isolated, and in order to overcome that loneliness, you have lots of interests. 
10. You have sharp eyes, and can make your ideals come true by effectively adopting other people's expectations.
11. Although you lack leadership sort of action, you have perseverance to take up any challenge. 
12. You can also use money efficiently, and therefore you are a shrewd shopper.
13. You are good at catching the heart of men. 
14. You will be liked by different type of people. 
15. But this may give them false idea, and cause misunderstanding.
16. Although you may take men lightly, once married, you will become a devoted wife and a mother.

bisa begituu yaa... 
udah sekalian cari tentang cami c, dan udah di save sebagai referensi buat kita tau sifat pasangan kita
yaiyaalahh.. tuh liat! di nomer terakhir, wina adalah istri setia, tuhh tuhhh *sambilpengennunjukmukaorang:p*
so funny
yayaya.. ambil yang positifnya, yang negatifnya yaa , it's you :)


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